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PowerPanel for electrics
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It provides instantaneous values, average values and with SwH down some overall values of interest.  

It has several built in assumptions.

SFdown is the throttle safety switch.

SHdown provides end of flight values, such as Thr Average, mahr per minute of flight...

It assumes a throttle channel monitor at Ch16 that has a curve of o at low, -100 throttle and 100 at high,100 throttle.  This is so Throttle is reported as 0 to 100.

It causes some blinking values when the Time expires or when the battery has consumed 70% of the capacity.  The capacity is assumed to be 2200 in this example.  

There are some sounds thrown in just because I wanted to see if they worked.  So all code associated with playFile(.. can be removed or changed as desired.

This has only been tested in OpenTxCompanion2.0.8 and on the bench (with a live motor) and so far the values from the log and this script look reasonable as a 'quick sanity check', but have not been thoroughly verified.  



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