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average dlg launch height in FEET and number of throws and number over a user set amount Version:3.2
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same as my other one but in feet for us stuck in the dark ages lol.

by nigelsheffield    http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2237421#post29328259

3.2 auto compensation for drift of altimeter readings, every time you throw it gets the zero offset height,  you can see 2 altimeter readings one on left is actual reading, next one over is the reading the script will use.

3.1 saves total throws ever WARNING USES GVARS FROM FM9

this will average and display the launch height and ignore thermal climb out value, also give a count of launches and number of launches over set amount. Shows best 3 launches of the session and last launch and saves and loads your personal best permanently even when tx is switched off.


2.9 added personal best which saves personal best throw in gvar8 fm9 so it is permanently stored when tx is switched off and loaded again and is displayed on screen to remind you what you need to beat!

2.8 fixed ready for changes in opentx 2.1

2.7 uses altitude change to detect top of launch so get results faster and so gives the PEAK of the launch rather then the leveled out height.

version 2.6 now the target height can be set by switch G down and then throttle pos varies it from 0 to 205ft. the value is saved in global variable 9 fm8 so will be remembered when tx is switched off.

version 2 now give best 3 launches works ok in 2.0.8

version 2.5 has voice announce of altitude at top of launch and LIMIT variable which can be set to change the target of the launch over certain amount.

it works by the v.speed and altitude does not need any switch inputs or rely on timer value so is a good way of keeping track of launches.

I will probably add voice announce of launch height too for those that dont already have my model with the launch height announce based on LS and SF switches, but if I dont you can always try to work it out yourself!

This will compliment my other scripts and I decided not to include it in them and keep it a seperate telemetry lua. it will keep track even when not on display.


This is a telem lua so rename it if  to to telemx.lua  with x being a number between 1 and 7 and put it in directory according to the model you want to use it on   scripts/modelname/telemx.lua


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Created 2014-07-31
Created by nigelsheffield
Changed at 2015-02-12
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