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dlg timer game with changing target and talking countdown Version:1.2
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this telemetry lua by nigelsheffield  http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2237421#post29328259  is a simple increasing timer target game, as is target time starts at 10 seconds and goes up 5 seconds each time target is hit, after 10 hits the game is over and timer 2 value is used to give score.

1.2 fixed ready for changes in opentx 2.1

for it to work you must reset timer1 with a pull of you launch switch and start it when released every time you throw so will need to sort that out yourself but you probalby already have that, timer 2 you can set to say 10 mins and the more time left at game end the higher your score.

switch C down resets , 3 best scores are saved on right, last 6 flight times and max alts shown on left.

talking countdown is there to help get times spot on! and now I added the next target is spoken just before the 10seccountdown.

And last 6 flight times and Max heights displayed on left!

Its a telemetry lua so rename it telem1to 7 .lua and put it in scripts/modelname directory.


ie:-scripts/blaster......  telem1.lua


how to here.



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Downloads 2039
Created 2014-07-12
Created by nigelsheffield
Changed at 2014-09-12
Modified by nigelsheffield

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#1 nigel 2014-07-12 16:54
By the the way it is designed as a telemetry script

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