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glider timer with 30 min alt graph best 3 flight times . Version:1.3
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this telemetry lua nigelsheffield will give a 30 min graph of alt, each time timer 1 is reset the flight time and max alt is recorded, with 6 last flights on left and the 3 best times recorded on right.

1.2 added personal best which saves your best ever time in gvar 6 fm9 which you need to set to -1000 to zero it.

1.3 improved graph display behind numbers

This needs 2.0.10 or higher to work and also note 5 seconds is roughly the resolution for b.pest due to gvar limits.

will also display a2 volts but you can alter script where it says  getfieldinfo("a2") and put another source for pack volts etc.

times are added together and displayed at bottom along with timer 2 until timer 2 is reset upwards then it is zero again,

Rename to telem1.lua or pick a number that fits with you and put it the script/modelname directory with the directory being the exact model name like your model.


It was taken from the original alt lua from the open tx guys and I modified it to be more geared towards powered gliders, but is still good for dlg too, use it aswelll as the original and have 2 screens !




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Created 2014-07-12
Created by nigelsheffield
Changed at 2014-09-20
Modified by nigelsheffield

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#1 Ricardo Raimondo 2016-02-06 23:09
nigelsheffield, I am looking for your help here, and I address to you because I found out that your script is the only one that is using the model.setGlobal Variable. I was able to read the GV, but I cannot write it. I copied the line model.setGlobal Variable(5, 8, (pbest/5.99)-10 00) from your script and changed the value (pbest/5.99) for a fixed value, from 500 to 1900, but I was not able to get it into the comapnion's Flight Modes tab. I am running 2.0.18. What am I doing wrong?
Here is the script I did:

local data

local outputs= {"data"}
function run(store)
model.setGlobalVariable(1, 8, (500-1000))
-- data=(model.getGlobalVariable(0,8)+1000)*10.24
return data
return {run=run, output=outputs}

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