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Flaperon Pot and Custom Switch
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This example is a flaperon configuration.


Flaperon works with Right potentiometer, and you can adjust flaperon level at your desire.


With this sample you can check flaperon configuration.


Test flaperon don't work up (Spoileron) because X>0


Also i used custom switch. This is an logical switch example.


In this example, we have tree flight modes (Landing,Fly and Acro).


Flaperon option is available only in Landing flight mode beacause there are a conditional switch "CS1". This option

prevent to activate flaperons in Fly or Acro mode.


This conditional operation can be used in other situations.


Oops, then you can test that elevator surface works when flaperon is runing to compensate flaperon condition.


Adjust % of each surface at your model.


Enjoy it




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Created 2014-05-02
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#2 Wayne Howarth 2015-04-28 04:19
Where is the eepe file?
#1 Wayne Howarth 2015-04-18 11:13
The View Details button is not working

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