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ALES (ALT Limited Soaring) Bird of Time Version:1.0
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Throttle:  CH1

Rudder (Aileron):  CH2

Elev:  CH3


Switch B:  It activates ALES in the +(up) position.  Deactivates the motor in 0 (center) or - (down position).  Spoilers in center or down position.  Motor control (limited by ALES) in the up position.

Switch C:  Does telemetry logging in up position, off otherwise (with shutter sound when starting)

Switch F:  It speaks the altitude when pulled down (This is a momentary switch on my transmitter -- a hardware modification).

Switch H:  It turns on the vario sounds.

Custom switches:

CS1 -- Activate when Altitude is over 148m

CS2 -- Activates when timer is over 30 s

CS3 -- Activates when ((CS1 OR CS2) AND SB+)   [Disables motor]


A custom sound file "ALES-ON" was stored to speak the condition of switch B up (ALES ON).


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Created 2014-04-06
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