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F3K program with Lua scripts for timing and score keeping
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This F3K program provides the following features:

  • Timing and score keeping for all of the official FAI F3K tasks.
  • Scores can be saved to the SD card and viewed later. That way, you can fly a contest and record scores on paper afterwards.
  • Graphing of telemetry log data. You can view receiver battery volts, RSSI signal strength and, if you have an altimeter, altitude and vertical speed.
  • Controls and mixes: flaps, camber control, ailerons, aileron differential, aileron-to-rudder, snap flaps, flap-to-elevator, and flight modes.
  • Zoom flight mode is entered after the Launch mode, to facilitate a straight climb-out.
  • Flaps are disabled at launch, and remain disabled until the throttle stick is pushed forward, for quick turnaround.
  • Optimal usage of the flaperon servo range by having full flaps be 100% servo down, and aileron up without flaps and camber be 100% servo up.
  • Full aileron control with flaps down, by increasing the differential to 100% with full flaps.
  • Camber preset for each flight mode is adjusted with the throttle trim button.
  • Mixes for snap flap, flap-to-elevator, aileron differential, and aileron-to-rudder can easily be adjusted with trim buttons.
  • Flaperon travel can be adjusted on five-point curves, and the curves can be easily adjusted with the aileron trim button at each of the five points, to get perfect alignment of the flaperons.
  • I have also included a stripped down setup for RE gliders.

Please see the included manual for more details.

Also available here: https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?2578134-Taranis-F3K-program-with-Lua-scripts-for-timing-and-score-keeping

Runs on OpenTX 2.2 and up.


Size 1.04 MB
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Created 2017-04-22
Created by jfrickmann
Changed at 2017-11-23
Modified by jfrickmann

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