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Durafly Excalibur Warmliner Version:1.0
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Standard version (Model name – Excalibur):

  • 7 flight modes (6 effective) accessed by a combination of switch SE (Takeoff, Acro and Thermal), switch SA (Acro-hi, Acro-med and Acro-low) and RS slider (Landing; overrides all other flight modes):

    • Throttle management by flight mode (max throttle = 75% in Takeoff, 90% in Thermal and Landing, 100% in Acro modes).

    • Triple rates in Acro on switch SA; all other flight modes have a single rate.

  • Custom throttle curves (Curves 1, 4) to remove non-linear ESC response (will need to be tuned).

  • Differential 15% (needed to eradicate negative differential associated with mechanical setup).

  • Landing mode (activated by RS):

    • Custom curve (5) gives throttle from 0-90% in top half of throttle stick throw only.

    • Bottom half of throttle stick throw reflexes ailerons as spoilerons (curve 6).

    • Beep at mid throttle (transition point)

    • Coupled aileron to rudder mix activated automatically (30%).

    • Differential suppression in landing mode (negative diff applied gradually as spoilers deployed; curve 7)

  • Ailerons droop 15% in thermal mode.

  • Adjustable snapflap (elevator to flap) mixing:

    • Snapflap volume adjustment on S2.

    • Snapflap off when SG.

  • Sticky throttle cut (Thr at zero AND switch SF) with pre-flight check reminder.

  • Max power warning after 25 seconds at full throttle to avoid motor overheating.

  • Flight countdown timer (reset by throttle kill on switch SF) and total model time timer

    • Timer set at 3.30 of throttle on time.

  • Flight time remaining called out by short press of switch SH.

  • RSSI called out by long press of switch SH.

  • Speaker volume adjustable via pot S1.

  • Model name announcement on start-up/selection.


Optimised Mode 1 version (Model name – ExclbrMd1):


This has all the same features as the standard version, but with a few tweaks to allow right handed mode 1 pilots whose throttle is on the right hand stick to launch the model more easily. Changes vs. the standard version:


  • Adjusted sticky throttle cut incorporates 4 checks before throttle activated (activation only if Thr at zero AND Switch SE AND slider LS -90 AND switchSF↓)

  • Throttle up for launch on LS (Takeoff flight mode):

    • Takeoff mode automatically selected and called out when throttle activated.

    • Throttle stick has no effect below ¾ travel in Takeoff mode, but throttle can be added via slider LS to 75% for launch.

    • After launch moving the throttle stick above ¾ travel automatically selects Acro flight mode and disables throttle on LS.

    • Takeoff mode cannot be reselected in flight - only by activating the throttle cut and setting the throttle stick to zero AND switch SE AND slider LS -90 AND switchSF is it re-enabled.


 Audio callouts and model image - both versions

All changes are confirmed verbally when activated, and the sound files used are attached with the EEPE – simply paste them into the Sounds folder on your Taranis. A model image for the Excalibur is also included in the ZIP file to copy into the BMP folder on your SD card. Happy flying!


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Created 2017-01-05
Created by MattyB
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