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DG-808s FlyFly 4m 4 servo glider Version:1.0 Aug 2015
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This is created with OpenTX 2.0.17. and used with a FrSky X9D+. You will need the Sounds/Voice pack "Amber"

The DG-808s is a 4 servo wing with Rudder/Elevator. The setup includes:

  • CROW braking on Throttle (Flaps down, Ailerons Up) in all flight modes (throttle Up = no braking)
  • 4 Flight modes - Launch, Cruise, Thermal, Speed
  • Flap control on Launch mode
  • Reflex on the flaps on Speed mode
  • Camber on both Ailerons and Flaps on Thermal mode
  • Flaps slaved to Ailerons on Cruise, Thermal and Speed modes
  • Spoken flight modes on switch change
  • Selectable Spoken altitude/Vario tones/Off (Logging = ON if not OFF)
  • Labelled mix names.

The setup uses a custom curve CV1 on the crow system and the built in differential for the Ailerons etc. 

Switches used:

SA - Down = launch mode and overrides ALL other flight modes. (Up and middle have no effect)

SB - UP = Cruise Mode
- MIDDLE = Thermal Mode
- DOWN = Speed Mode

SD - UP = Silent & Logging off
- MIDDLE = Vario & Logging ON (1 second intervals)
- DOWN = Spoken Altitude (10 Second intervals)

Power on checks ensure the TX is in Launch mode with Cruise mode as the next selected mode. (i.e. SA=DOWN and SB=UP)

You may need to adjust your weights to get correct throws on your TX/Servos etc. Hopefully the labels will make it straight forward to know which is which. 

Channel assignments are: 

Ch1 = Left Aileron
Ch2 = Left Flap
Ch3 = Right Aileron
Ch4 = Right Flap
Ch5 = Elevator
Ch6 = Rudder




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