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my calypso version ,eepe
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re did the calypso.eepe file that is here under sailplanes but changed a few switches to suit me


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Created 2015-07-24
Created by carl3
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#2 carl 2015-07-25 03:45
also, haven't checked throws so please check +/-weights to your glider
#1 carl 2015-07-25 03:36
the model details are the same as the calypso .eepe except I move s1 & s2 to the sliders
crow is on sc up
flaps on sc down
added 15% down elevator on thrtl under se down in case I don't want it
and added play tracks..other than that is basically the same as calypso.eepe below..however beware..that .eepe file is not the same as the model details

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