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AD.DLG: Quick setup, feature rich, predictable DLG program for the Taranis Version:4.1
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After a recent, deeper understanding of OpenTX: Presenting a feature rich DLG template for the Taranis that simplifies your path to a flyable DLG, requiring only initial setting of servo directions and a few "GVAR's".

- Reduces workload on quick turnarounds
- Throttle stick controls flaps
- Flight modes have custom elevator and flap offsets controlled by the relevant trim switches.
- Launch mode adds an adjustable (up ONLY for safety) elevator deflection using the elevator trim. 
- Sound and vibration warnings triggered by launch preset for Zoom or "ultra speed" mode, used during the first few seconds of a launch. 
- Exit Zoom mode to pre-selected Speed, Cruise or Thermal modes by moving the flap stick OR changing flight modes (Switch SE).
- Snap Flaps are enabled / disabled by switch SH.
- Aileron to Rudder mix (default of 50%)
- Launch preset includes separate aileron trim to allow an offset during launch.
- Right slider adds camber. 
- Launch and zoom modes deactivate slider. Move slider all the way forward to re-activate.
- Sounds from The "Amber" Transmitter Sound Pack.
- Volume(S2), backlight (SC), RX voltage (SC), Timers (SB and SF), vario tones (SD), altitude readout (SG), and more...

See the RCGroups thread for more info, including setup instructions: http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2360212


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Created 2015-05-18
Created by adrian
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