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HobbyKing Walrus Version:1.0
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I have added the file to share with you all. Might not be as good as some of the stuff you have manage to build but, I am well happy. A quick guide to switches used: SE Throttle on and off with voice. SA up - Launch mode (flaps down) SA mid - Cruise mode SA dn - Landing mode (flaps down with mix of down elev) When SA is in the mid SD comes into play. SD up - Thermal mode (ailerons and flaps drop slightly) SD mid - Cruise mode SD dn - Speed Mode (ailerons and flaps raise slightly) In cruise mode the left slider acts as crow (ailerons up & flaps down) There is a voice link to all switches to speak out setting. Launch mode repeats every 10 seconds so you don't forget to go into cruise mode. And Left slider when moved up from the bottom will say crow on, and crow off when returned. For the sound files I used AT&T speech to text. Hope this helps someone. Paul


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Created 2014-12-04
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#1 Myron Wooley 2017-05-15 05:08
Make sure that you have centered your servos in normal mode or you will have crazy differential on your ailerons and flaps when you change flight modes.

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