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Cumel DLG Version:1.95
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- Intended for OpenTX 2.1x

- Because I personally work with a special 3 position switch I'm using switch SE. Most DLG flyers will only have swapped the SH and SF. These are 2-position switches. The 1st model is for using a normal switch, the 2nd model in the setup is for those that use the special switch ON-OFF-(ON)


- Improved launch system where a prelaunch is used for the swing and the launch itself is upon the release of the momentary switch.

- Launch mode has a duration of 2 seconds. The moment you touch the elevator, it returns to cruise mode / speed mode

- I added a 2nd timer to measure the time you spend on prelaunch



- Simplified some logical switches
- Used silent center instead of LS for deadband ( -2.0 ~ +0.5 )



- Some corrections after having flown several times (can't remember which)




- Upgraded to OpenTX 2.1.1
- Heavily simplified setup
- Removed jukebox entries (confusing)
- Added battery watchdog (was removed in 2.1.x)
- Bought a new switch (momentary and latching) and brought SH back to its factory default position (right side). SF and SE are now swapped (because SF is only 2 positions). SE is the special switch, ON-OFF-(ON) and puts it in launch mode and is for speed mode.

- Now I feel more confident to put camber on the throttle stick. To get it back on the slider you merely need to change it in input
- Added a special curve for Camber. Throttle is used for both thermalling as flaps. Last part will bring down both ailerons fast

- Elevator compensation is controlled with throttle trim. It also has a curve that will not compensate more when the camber becomes spoiler (Need some more time flying to get that perfect, but the base is there)
- Now SH has become available as pure momentary, I'm using that now for the calibration mode.
- SH used to play the flight time without stopping the timer
- SE is used for launching and speed mode.
- When going in launch mode, the altitude is reset if vertical speed is low.
- In the aileron mix a line is added that amplifies the aileron movement. Especially when flaps are engaged this is necessary. The variable diff will make sure the ailerons will not go down any further. 



- Throttle trim controls elevator compensation (thanks Mike Shellim)
- Added Expo 20 to INPUTS
- Higher sampling during launch (200 ms)
- Supressed timer call after announcing it
- Supressed vario during launch and shortly after 



- Improved Telemetry reset
- Improved readability



- Tweaked Telemtry reset.
- Added intensive logging during launch (needs change to the S-port Vario's sample rate to sample each 0.1s)
-  Added Vario sounds
- During calibration mode the timer doesn't run and is reset so you will no longer hear the flight time



- Added a reset for telemetry if vario is more than 1 metre off during launch
Volume is still controlled with RS, but it now can't be muted. This way you will always hear the critical alarms



It's a 4-channel setup:


CH-1 Left Aileron
CH-2 Right Aileron

CH-3 Elevator

CH-4 Rudder


There's a virtual channel CH-6 which is used to manipulate GVAR 2 using the throttle input (the left slider).


With Throttle you can control both Ailerons. I chose the left Slider as input for Throttle (it is using Throttle's trim). It's quite easy to change it so it uses the throttle stick instead (do this in Input).


There are 3 flight-modes:

FM0 Cruise mode

FM1 Launch mode

FM2 Speed mode


FM1 and FM2 have their trims as on offset to FM0

Changing the trims in FM0 therefore also changes it in FM2 and FM1

You can change that to your liking of course. This is just a reminder.



An additional mode (FM5) is for calibrating the servo's.

This will make it possible to have your models behave similar when using the same settings.

More info here: http://rc-soar.com/opentx/setups/calib/calibration.htm


I switched SH and SF as I'm right handed and I want to have this momentary switch on the left side of my radio so I can control it whilst throwing.




Keeping it up for more than 1 second engages flight-mode 1.

When it goes into launch mode (FM1) it will also make L2 true for an instant and this triggers a reset for the telemetry in case the telemetry is way off. It means you will set your altimeter to 0 metres. Both ailerons will go slightly up and also the elevator goes a bit up.


I have also loaded the Amber soundpack for some additional sounds. When full flaps are engaged using the left slider the aileron to rudder mix gets disabled for better control during landing.


I have made a deliberate dead zone curve on the left slider so it doesn't pollute the other settings when it's slightly off centre. It makes me feel more at ease, but it could be superfluous.


The Diff for the aileron is in GV2. Throttle (LS) is changing this GV2 (thanks Pat McKenzie). When flaps are down the Diff is increased to 100. This means the ailerons aren't going further down only 1 aileron will be moving. This to prevent that flap becoming a spoiler. In neutral the Diff is 50% and in speed mode it is 0%. All this is done according to curve CV4 which you can adapt to your liking.

For all this the CH6 is used.


I have also incorporated the jukebox that Jeff created. You need to put the LUA-scripts in place yourself. I made an addition to Jeff's setup. Whilst music is playing the 2 trims on the right hand side are disabled and they will not influence the trim. So you need to be aware that Trims are NOT working while the music is playing. Therefore the music needs to be disabled



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