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Phoenix 2000 crow/camber/reflex
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Phoenix 2000
Flat field set up:
Crow on Switch "SB" off/Pot2/full, with horn sounding
Pre-set Camber/FM1 & Reflex/FM2, to enable separate Elev trim, all on switch "SC" with 2 second fade in/out
Full wing flaperons engaged via switch "SF" for aerobatics
Vario sett up on Switch "SG", Altitude read out with or without vario tone.
Data Logger Switch "SE"
Low flight Battery warning.
Differential mixed for ailerons and Elev mixed for crow.
Throttle is just Throttle.


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Created 2014-10-29
Created by a.crabby
Changed at 2014-11-02
Modified by a.crabby

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+1 #2 Crabby 2015-02-12 13:08
Hi Richard,
Apologies for the late reply. Each servo has it's own Chanel, Receiver allocation as follows:
Ch1 Throttle
Ch2 Aileron 1 (right)
Ch3 Elevator
Ch4 Rudder
Ch5 Aileron 2 (left)
Ch6 Flap 1 (right)
Ch7 Flap 2 (left)
#1 Richard Hamilton 2014-11-20 13:26
Hey Crabby

Could you please tell me if this is a 4 servo wing setup (4 servo's on wings, no Y cables)

Rudder and Elevator are 2 separate servo's

The Receiver settings would be appreciated buddy!


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