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phoenix 2000 Version:1
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phoenix200 with thermal/crow/speed/wing camber to elev,, or any powered glider with 4 servos in wing by nigelsheffield

has flaps with thermal speed and landing mode on switch E,

in speed mode the flaps act as all wing ailerons, and have all wing camber to elevator mix, in land mode the left slider controls the crow mix with max crow at bottom and flat at the top, thermal mode is just set for flaps down a bit, all differential is controllled by global variables for each flight mode

throttle safely is switch C middle, down is reset.

SA turns vario and alt announce on/off with middle only vario going up sounds on, bottom full vario sounds and alt every 5 seconds.

throttle is motor as normal and using it turns off vario and announces alt every 5 secs.

timer 1 is set to reset when throttle is use so works well with my timer alt graph lua.

S1 is volume.

 S2 is camber adjust.

obviously trim as needed.


1 R

2 E

3 T

4 ail

5 ail

6 flap

7 flap


Size 76.03 KB
Downloads 3710
Created 2014-07-13
Created by nigelsheffield
Changed at 2014-07-15
Modified by nigelsheffield

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#3 Thomas 2020-04-20 02:34
I keep getting from Adobe Acrobat can not open eepe file. What is the cure?
#2 Poul-Erik Jensen 2017-03-16 13:05
Hey, is there an easy way to convert this to a mode 2 Taranis x9d +
Best Regards
#1 Richard Hamilton 2014-11-20 13:08
Hi Nigel, could you please let me have your Skype username so that we may have a chat about your settings, I am really battling to get my Phoenix 2000 set up correctly... thank you very much!

richard.hamilton6530 (Skype)

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