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dlg with max launch altitude spoken without needing to reset telemetry each time Version:1
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by nigelsheffield

You will mainly want this for the max launch height announcement it speaks it at top of throw and does not use the alt+ so no need to reset telemetry between throws, good for relights.

with throttle at bottom, you pull and hold the switch F on left of tx which I have changed on mine to be a momentary switch pull it to reset timer 1 and speak time of flight, this is pre-launch flight mode , release it to start timer 1 and enter launch/speed mode, move throttle up to enter thermal/speed/land mode all controlled by the throttle stick, with speed being at top and thermal in middle and land at bottom.



3and4 ailerons

obviously you will need to trim and set up the various global variables I have made for differential and elev comp and flap amount to get it tuned right so you might just want to extract the alt bit so..if you look on rcgroups opentx 2.0 and beyond i have written up how I did the max alt thing, it is linked from the first page by scott.

various other features like S1 is volume switch SA is vario and alt announce. use this along with my lua dlg games and it works a charm lots of fun.


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Created 2014-07-13
Created by nigelsheffield
Changed at 2014-07-13
Modified by nigelsheffield

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#6 Mark Brown 2015-05-24 19:40
Sorry, I my comment and questions were aimed at another related altitude program!
#5 Mark Brown 2015-05-24 19:29
Nigel -- I've implemented your LUA script on my dlg and it is loads of fun! I have found it to be quite useful for (slowly) improving my launch technique

I have two questions:

1 - The audio voice altitude announcement works, but it invariably announces a height that is a couple of feet lower than what appears on the Taranis screen under "last launch height" -- how is this possible since it must be dealing with the same variable ("alt" I assume)?

2 -- In trying to figure out how this could occur by reading your program, it seems to me that the key reference to getting alt appears to be commented out, that is, line 88 "--alt = (getValue(alt_i d) *units)-altoffs et" So, where is altitude then read into alt?


#4 Remklep 2014-10-29 16:43
Oops. Sorry Nigel.
I posted the previous message at the wrong kus script.
#3 Remklep 2014-10-29 10:24
Nigel. I am using your lua Script and love it.
But it would be even better if there was a timer that would start from 0 at each launch, like in the lower left window, next to throws, average height and over 0m you could at the timer.
Maybe even in the table on the right where the best 3 altitudes are displayed you could at the time I flew from that altitude.

Would that be possible?

#2 nigel 2014-08-26 14:39
Hi Steve, I suppose you could use this one and just put the motor on a slider or a switch, then you could use the dlg as a dlg and just apply power when you wanted it for a boost to higher hieghts.
#1 steve 2014-07-29 15:02
Hi there,
Do you or any one you know have a set up for a Blaster 2 e I am haveing a bit of a problem setting mine up and thought I may be able to start out on some ones to use as a starting point.
Kind Regards.

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