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Play the launch altitude of a DLG Version:1
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Play the launch altitude of a DLG.

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v1 Original version, for opentx r2940 and up

This is a program snippet to insert in your DLG program. It does not implement any mix or control function besides playing the launch altitude.

Requires an altimeter/vario.

The program uses one global variable (GV2). This GV must be preserved across all flight modes.
It is meant to be used with a spring loaded SF switch for launch mode, but can be customized to a different one in a single place (see CS6).

The program is implemented with 8 CF and 6 SF as a state machine of 3 states (0, 10 and 20).

It performs the following :
- When the launch switch is held for 1 second or more (enter state 10), and then
- Resets ALT and ALT+
- Wait until the launch switch is released then enter state 20
- Wait until the ELEV gimbal is moved by 10% up or down (indicating the top of the launch is near)
- Wait another 3 seconds
- Then play the "ALT+" which is the maximum launch altitude
- Enter state 0 (waiting for another launch)
- in state 20 if the ELEV gimbal is not moved within 15 seconds of releasing the launch switch (not really launched?), return to state 0 (witout saying the altitude).

Have Faboulous flights !


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Created 2014-04-15
Created by FabFlight
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